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Anonymous said:

Spanish people aren't white you fucking idiot






Spanish people are European you fucking idiot

Hispanos mural.jpgimageimagehttp://i.telegraph.co.uk/multimedia/archive/02079/royals_2079032b.jpg
Why does Tumblr think Spaniards aren’t white? This is the only place where I’ve ever heard anyone say this. It’s really weird.

I have no words for this.

Somehow I suspect if you had people like the asker draw, without reference, a Spaniard, the result would look worse than the most stereotypical representation of a Mexican with unusually dark skin.

Yes probably. I saw something on Tumblr ages ago  and it was a Mexican telling White people not to speak Spanish because it was cultural appropriation. So nothing would actually surprise me.

Fucking cracks me up that like 99% of mexicans don’t even realize they have caucasian blood. Espana es blanco siempre putos.

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I don’t care if it is fake, I just saw the most disgusting decomposing, mutilated dead body posted on my dashboard. If you think thats cool and reblogged it…. get some help you sick little freak!

I’ve already unfollowed countless people for reblogging dead Germans; Disrespectful cunts.

traditionalcatholicism said:

oh sweetheart I feel so sorry for you you don't even know what feminism is :') we just want the same ability to dress/act the way we want as everybody else does, it's about freedom. women were not honored, they were raped incessantly if they weren't elite. even then they were abused and controlled by their male counterpart. female anti feminists confuse me, because they insist on pushing their beliefs onto somebody else and internally oppressing themselves? pathetic


Oh sweetheart i feel sorry for you that you are still clinging to an ideology that has torn Western civilization apart. Where are all these women that were being raped “incessantly”? Feminism in Western civilization for White women is redundant. You are not oppressed. You are just another useful idiot that wants to pretend she is a victim. Pathetic. 

Blonde women in Sweden are dying their hair black so they won’t be raped by black immigrants and Arabs, where the fuck are you feminist cunts for those women? 

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