iqppoc said:

Why are you a piece of shit? Being white is bad enough so just stop!

A piece of shit? LOL, I have college degrees, a beautiful fiance, an extensive understanding of History and Geo-politics, and I’m come from a family tree of Germans and Welshmen whom have been in this country for centuries and helped build it with their bare hands. WTF have you or your porch monkey ancestors done for this country? 

afro-feminista said:

Dear, we only speak this language and have these white names because slavery stole the tongues and traditions of our ancestors. So kindly fuck off, you racist fuck.

LMAO, u sound mad, are you mad? Your African ancestors sold you to Europeans and Arabs all over the world giving them a chance to live a civilized life in the modern world as opposed to chucking spears at fucking gazelles all day. If you negroes miss that so much I’m sure we can get enough White people to start a crowdfund to send you all back, no joke. I’ll donate myself. Then you can all enjoy the vibrance and prosperity over in Africa instead of being oppressed so much by the big, bad white man. LMAO, fucking idiot, you’re all in denial or just really this stupid, not sure which one it is yet.



why is brad pitt doing yet another ww2 movie where all he does is talk about killing germans

#like what does he have against us



German? noooooooooooooope.

You are not German.

LOL @ a negro claiming to be German

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