Operation Taylor SwiftKrieg a success

All the self-hating whites and non-white racists were annihilated by the swiftkrieg and are in full treat abandoning their macbooks and dildo costumes with haste.

Hail Victory


Anonymous said:

Lol you call yourself proud to be european but you can't even speak any other language other than english. I'm black (yes, that's right , a nigger!) and can speak french, italian, german, and Russian. I have visited all of these places & i'm rich


Awkward moment when I can speak other European languages. 

If I was born in Nigeria and could speak whatever the fuck language they speak that wouldn’t make me a Nigerian. That would make me displaced European person that can speak that language with Nigerian citizenship. PERIOD. You fucking imbeciles are not Europeans and never will be and when The aryans, nordics, and anglos find their balls again you will all be sent into the fucking sea. If you need an illustration go research Vlad the Impaler.

Anonymous said:

Learn some proper grammar. You're a disgrace to the white race!


I speak British English, not bastardised American English.

American English is a fine-tuned version of the language. No offense but sometimes you british fuckers can’t even pronounce your own words, it’s pretty laughable. And I’m no American Patriot or some bullshit, just calling it like I see it.

In Asian and Slavic countries they prefer Canadian and American English Teachers over Brits and Aussies because of the aforementioned observation. I went over to China to teach English, i would know.

Anonymous said:

Oh my god you are so ugly, those are the most bland facial features ever. It makes me embarrassed to be white lmaoo


Anonymous person calling me ugly OHHH NO WHATEVER WILL I DO there is obviously a reason why you’re hiding your face

Just LOL @anonymous (most likely black) troll calling beautiful aryan goddess ugly. That makes about as much sense as gravity.



The Nazi fandom on this website is so laughable sometimes though.

They’re all like “nooooooooo I’m not a nazi or a national socialist I AM A WHITE NATIONALIST CONSERVATIVE TRADITIONALIST”

To be honest it doesn’t even matter because no matter what you people call yourselves, it doesn’t change the fact that you’re all a bunch of loony racists

Ethnonationalism is natural and healthy.

Racialist and Racist; learn the difference u silly bastard

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