korgull-thee-exterminator said:

I'm not even white (Viva Mexico!) and I think this blog is great. May you continue to make SJW rage until their over-privileged fingers bleed. Cheers!


Cheers! I am very glad that they’re offended as that was the intention of the post. :D

Newsflash, some of your ancestors came from Spain hombre, hence you have caucasoid dna…

kokanha said:

you're such a dumb fuck.



you’re such a smart fuck ;)

theaffairchicagopdfan-deactivat said:

So what if you think about TJ Lane since you are so quick to attack black people killing people.


Do you think I’m going to applaud white people destroying families and society? If you’ve followed my blog at all you will see that in the past few months I’ve made several posts about white mass shooters etc so I’m not really sure what your hostility is about. Are you upset that black people kill people or are you upset that I’m pointing it out?

Society is completely upside down and morality is no longer taught in schools or society as a whole. Any person of any race is prone to becoming a headcase and doing despicable shit. And then there’s MK Ultra. You have the damn internet at your fingertips, you can research literally anything and if you have a reasonable IQ it is not hard to sift through the lies, so why is it you dummies continue to believe the official narrative of everything you see on cnn, foxnews, bbc etc. etc.? With that said while almost every recent major shooting has been either a hoax or scripted the TJ Lane incident seems legit. The kid will pay for what he’s done when it’s time to face the creator.


Judging by all of the hate mail that all of us receive.

White females seem to be the ones who send us the most hate mail even to the White females amongst us who are sane and racially aware.

The White female is probably the most empathetic of all human beings hence it is very easy to manipulate and brainwash them.

snarky-queer said:

Fuck you you racist piece of shit. Get your head out of your ass and stop trying to justify yourself with "facts." This is not pride. This is not self preservation. This is violent racism. I hope you get what you deserve you fucking nazi. You make me sick.


Romans 9:13

“As it is written, Jacob have I loved, but Esau have I hated”

I suggest the belligerent above researches why God wasn’t fond of Esau…